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Monday, January 16, 2017

ARC Review: Blurry by Carina Adams

I will be honest and say that I didn't know how I was going to feel about this book before I started it, and while I was excited I was also a bit scared. If you haven't read Forever Red by Carina Adams, you may want to exit now as there will be some spoilers from that book. Having read and loved Forever Red and Out of the Blue (the previous books released in the Bama Boys series by Carina Adams), I was a huge Nate fan. So when I found out that Carina had written a story about Lia with someone else I just wasn't sure if I could connect or even like the story. Carina is such a talented writer though that I never should have worried about it. Blurry is the story of Lia and Craig, before Lia met Nate. 

Cecelia "Lia" Merrill was used to being on her own, lost and lonely she was determined to graduate and leave her tiny town behind her for good. But then she met coach Craig Knightly and everything changed. Craig almost had everything that he had ever dreamed of, but then Lia changed everything that he thought he knew. Soon an unexpected and forbidden friendship between them led to more, and both Lia and Craig knew that their lives would be forever changed in a situation where neither of them could come out a winner. 

Like I said, I was worried about being able to connect here, even though I had loved Lia before. I ended up really liking Craig though as well, and surprisingly I found myself liking these two together. Did I think that they belonged together in the long run? No I didn't, because I knew better and she always belonged with Nate. But that didn't stop me from rooting for these two here or enjoying their time together. For those that haven't read Forever Red, this one will probably be a completely different experience than for those that have read FR. I loved the fact that we got to know Lia better here though and see a bit more into her past than just some details we had been given previously. These two had a great connection and strong chemistry, and they needed each other at the time that they were together. Yet they also both were at a place where they couldn't be together long term, and I think that their time together made them into the people that they needed to be later on. 

I will say that I actually ended up feeling sorry for Craig here, and it broke my heart a bit to see him here knowing what was ahead for him. These two had genuine feelings for one another, yet Craig definitely was the one that I knew would wind up hurting the most. I felt for him even though he had messed things up with Lia to begin with, and I really just wanted him to be happy. It was easy to see how he as well as Mike and Nate could fall for Lia, and I was glad to get more of all these characters. This was an emotional read, and I really struggled knowing how everything would play out in the long run. But I am really glad that Carina Adams wrote this story and gave us more insight into these characters that I already knew and loved. I hope that Craig might one day get his own HEA as I think he truly deserves one. It was great to read about his HFN with Lia here though, and I think fans of this series will really enjoy getting more in this world.

**ARC Provided by Social Butterfly PR**

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Feature and Giveaway: Sweet Southern Hearts by Susan Schild

Susan Schild welcomes you back to the offbeat Southern town of Willow Hill, North Carolina, for a humorous, heartwarming story of new beginnings, do-overs, and self-discovery…

When it comes to marriage, third time’s the charm for Linny Taylor. She’s thrilled to be on her honeymoon with Jack Avery, Willow Hill’s handsome veterinarian. But just like the hair-raising white water rafting trip Jack persuades her to take, newlywed life has plenty of dips and bumps.

Jack’s twelve-year-old son is resisting all Linny’s efforts to be the perfect stepmother, while her own mother, Dottie, begs her to tag along on the first week of a free-wheeling RV adventure. Who knew women “of a certain age” could drum up so much trouble? No sooner is Linny sighing with relief at being back home than she’s helping her frazzled sister with a new baby…and dealing with an unexpected legacy from her late ex. Life is fuller—and richer—than she ever imagined, but if there’s one thing Linny’s learned by now, it’s that there’s always room for another sweet surprise…

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

ARC Review: Full Package by Lauren Blakely

When Chase Summers becomes desperate after numerous available rentals slip through his fingers, thereby leaving him on the brink of being homeless, an intriguing opportunity arises. His best friend Josie Hammer happens to be in need of a roommate. Not only does she live close to Mercy Hospital where he works as an ER Surgeon, but she happens to be one of his favorite people. They get along very well. They see each other often already. Plus, Josie bakes him delectable treats all the time. So, how could this roommate situation become a problem?

Well, because his Josie is sexy as hell. Oh, and like I mentioned above, she can bake. We all know men love food. Plus, she’s sweet and funny. What’s not to love? Oh wait, love? Did I say love? You see, that’s what happens when two people who are already best friends are in close confines and have hot-as-sin chemistry. These two are so damn delicious and cute that I now have a sweet tooth of epic proportions. One page just wasn’t enough. One chapter wasn’t enough. You get the idea. I freaking loved this book!

Chase is hilarious and everything I love in a man. He is intelligent, capable, humorous, and sexy with off-the-charts charisma. Josie is just perfection as a female lead and I loved her dirty mouth and blunt honesty. Add in the pink highlights with a sweet as sugar attitude and I’d like to be her best friend. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two falling head over heels for one another as stubborn lovers until they finally took a full dose of common sense and acceptance as they came together. I smiled so much throughout this book and laughed out loud in wonder.

Lauren Blakely can turn a phrase and create magic with good feelings as you devour every funny and sexy moment throughout this book. I can’t say enough about what an enjoyable experience reading this story has been. Not to mention that I harbor a new love for Swedish Fish that before would have been considered unhealthy (because honestly, I could eat a whole bag at once), but now I think of them in a whole new way which may be indecent, and yet so much more fun (no, I am not kidding). See? Now you have to read it just to understand what I’m referring to *laughs*

Seriously though, you need this book. It is chock full of funny, sexy, sweet, and happily-ever-after. I loved every minute! Also, did I mention that there are recipes in this book? No? Well, there are! They are so cute! I just love the little insights into Josie’s mind, and I’m also very interested in baking her Seven Layers Bars now. Just a thought! Talk about a morsel of literary heaven. Don’t miss out y’all!

**ARC provided by Author**

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ARC Review: Claiming the Billionaire by JM Stewart

Claiming the Billionaire is the fourth book in the Seattle Bachelors series from JM Stewart. This book is a standalone, though the books are interconnected. You don't need to have read the previous books to understand or enjoy this book, though fans of the series will enjoy getting to know these characters better as well as seeing familiar faces. 

Three years ago, Tyler Benson walked out of Cassie's life. He headed off to the middle east, and though he was captured and held for three years, he thought of her every day. Having heard that Tyler was captured and killed, Cassie has turned her jewelry business into a successful company and is determined to keep her focus on work and moving forward with her life. But just as she is thinking of moving on, Tyler returns and changes everything. Tyler is determined to win her as a date at a bachelorette auction, knowing that she will have to talk to him and give him a chance. But can Cassie keep her heart locked up against Tyler this time around, or will he get under her skin once again and show her that they belong together?

I will admit that I struggled with Cassie. I think that she handled Tyler's return very poorly, acting immature and thinking of only herself at times. It definitely would have been shocking to see him after everything that had happened, but I just had a hard time with her actions. Tyler was struggling with PTSD and was clinging to what had kept him alive throughout his time in an Afghan prison and I felt for him and all that he had been through. Which is a lot of why I had issues with Cassie and how she acted towards Tyler. I felt like he deserved better at times and it was hard for me to warm up to her. These two were hot together and it was clear that they each cared about one another. 

Overall, this was a story about second chances. Not only in love but in life as well. I really liked Tyler and felt invested in him right away. I can't imagine going through what he did and having to come back and face moving forward. I felt like Stewart did a great job addressing the PTSD and showing how he healed and grew over the course of the book. I just wish I had been able to like Cassie more, as I think that would have made this book one that I loved rather than just liked. Still a good story, but Tyler was definitely what kept me reading this one. If you are a fan of this series, I think you will enjoy this one. If you are new to the series though, I still think that this one is worth taking a chance on.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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Guest Post with Author Kim Redford and Giveaway

Meet Kim Redford author of Blazing Hot Cowboy.

Kim Redford is an acclaimed author of Western romance novels. She grew up in Texas with cowboys, cowgirls, horses, cattle, and rodeos for inspiration. She divides her time between homes in Texas and Oklahoma, where she’s a rescue cat wrangler and horseback rider—when she takes a break from her keyboard. Visit her at